If you’ve always wanted to...

Learn all the fundamentals of pastry and baking. Create amazing pastries and desserts with confidence. Serve delicious creations to your friends and family. ...then this course is for you!

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If you’ve always wanted to...

Meet your Instructor

  • Chef Philippe Saloman

    Professor of French Pastry

    Chef Philippe Saloman

    Retired Professor of Pastry for 18 years at top French culinary school Ferrandi, previously executive pastry chef at 2 Michelin star Le Grand Véfour.

Create beautiful pastries, cakes and tarts

In this 34 module program, we've included everything you need to know: All the fundamental pastry doughs and creams. The methods and techniques to make pâte a choux, meringue, ice a cake and more. How to use those methods to make sophisticated French pastries like Profiteroles and Chocolate Eclairs with confidence.
Create beautiful pastries, cakes and tarts

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