Have you always wanted to cook fish at home?

Now you can. With the fish lovers pack you will learn how to clean and fillet fish - including flat fish like sole - as well as make some of the most classic French fish dishes. Includes 2 bonus recipes from top chefs.
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Fish Lovers Package

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    Learn how to clean, fillet and cook fish like a professional chef

    • How to Filet a Fish

    • How to make Fish Stock

    • Fish Soup

    • Whiting Filets à la Bercy

    • How to Clean & Fillet a Sole

    • Sole Meunière

    • Goujonnettes of Sole

    • Crunchy King Prawns

    • Sole Dugléré

    • Chef Gabriel Kreuther's Greenwalk Hatchery Trout with Champagne Sauce

    • Chef Christian Constant's Sea Bass with Crispy Almond Topping

Meet your Instructor

Professor of French Cuisine

Chef Bruno Stril

Retired Professor of Cuisine for 15 years at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, previously executive Chef at Maxim’s Paris, and Michelin star Hotel du Palais in Biarritz.

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